Handshakes and high fives

March 18, 2014 at 9:08 PMZoomBlog

Recently just heard from a coach that I’ll be interviewing in an upcoming episode of ZoomTalks.  And what he’s done is nothing short of remarkable.

To build rapport with his players, he has created unique handshakes or ways to give high fives.  He doesn’t have a standard that he uses all the time.  Each one is unique. 

Sure, this takes time.  And it’s something that I’m sure isn’t in a job description.  It’s such a small thing that he can do for himself, but such a big thing he can do for his players.

“Big,” you ask?  Certainly, because he’s caring his face off.  And what better way to earn a player’s trust than to care; take an interest; to go first. 

And how do you think that player will respond, now that she feels special?  Bare minimum, she feels good about herself and the environment she’s in, and she’s now associated good vibes to soccer and her coach, which will keep kids coming back with smiles on their faces.

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