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Field hockey is a growing sport that has captivated many people. It is similar to ice hockey, but is played with a few different rules and regulations, and takes place on grass. The rules are simple. There are eleven players on each team. The main point of the game is to get the hockey ball into the net as in most sports, and whichever team has the most points wins. There are eleven players on each team, and they must lead the ball down the field with the flat of their stick and shoot it into the net. The goalkeeper is the only player on the field who is allowed to touch the ball with their body. The ball must be shot from within the striking circle to be a goal. There are two halves each running twenty to twenty five minutes with a five minute halftime. Field hockey has become quite a popular sport in high schools and has developed its own professional league. Indoor hockey, which is basically field hockey played indoors, also has several higher leagues of its own.

Currently, according to a letter written by Kelly Fairweather, the CEO for FIH, on September 28, 2012, to National Associations and Continental Federation, a new version of hockey has been introduced especially for 2014 Youth Olympic Games also known as YOG.

In order to develop this game the FIH went through a process of consultations with other FIH committees and experts. They also consulted industry experts in developing this game. Hockey 5’s (five a side) will be working title that will be used up to and during the event in Nanjing.

The founding of Hockey 5’s is a new initiative that will continue to undergo more research and adjustment for the next few years. This is the reason why it was on the agenda in discussions with the National Associations and Continental Federations at the 2012 FIH Forum and Congress. Wherever this version of hockey will be played experts will be collecting feedback from players and spectators to get their pulse and to know which areas of the game should be improved in the future. This means that the current game, hockey 5’s is not the ultimate. The concept will continue to evolve and be adjusted both before and after the 2014 Youth Olympic Games.

The objective is to stimulate and inspire the youth to participate more in sports. It gives them the opportunity of a life time to participate in a high performance sporting event such as hockey in the spirit of cultural exchange and education. It is also an opportunity to showcase innovative ideas in the dynamic world of sports as created by the younger generation. Hockey 5’s is an ideal example of this philosophy.

The Rules for this new version of hockey known as Hockey 5’s have been developed in such a manner as to include all aspects of the game including the field and all it entails including the number of players in the team and their conduct as well as penalties. Because YOG will be an important and structured type of hockey competition, the rules governing the game have been made to be explicit and consistent with the game. Hockey 5’s is versatile. This means it can also adapted to myriad variety of playing circumstances. What this means is that if the playing area is less than specified in the formal rules of hockey 5’s, it is appropriate to reduce the number of players on the team on the field. A goalkeeper is ideal for hockey 5’s as always, but if it should be necessary, the goalkeeper could be chosen from any other field players. Other playing rules can be introduced and adapted as necessary within the broad concept of Hockey 5’s

One of the FIH Rules Committee’s responsibilities includes reviewing all the Rules of hockey. It also takes account feedback and input from a wide variety of sources including the national hockey associations, players, coaches, officials as well as the media and spectators which they use to make improvements in the game. They will be doing this for hockey 5’s as well.


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