Case Studies

ZoomReports Helps
Players Improve

Phillip Poole is the Executive Director for Lake Norman SC, a premier soccer club located in Lake Norman, NC. They have 50+ teams, 25 coaches, 500+ travel players, and 200+ recreation players. They pride themselves on being able to eectively communicate with parents and players.


Need a quick and easy way to get more feedback to players and parents.


  • ZoomReports allows clubs to create dierent length templates. Lake Norman created a template with 3 skills, and is now able to give feedback on a weekly basis.
  • Players and parents are WOWED by the club. Retention and referrals have increased.

Lake Norman Feedback on ZoomReports:

We have such a large amount of data on the players and can see (for better or worse) how they are doing. ZoomReports is fantastically innovative to work with - we said we needed to look at our players in a dierent way, on a more consistent basis, and in a manner that is manageable for the entire coaching sta - ZoomReports made it happen and a service provider we consider a partner.