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How a Coach’s State of Mind Can Hurt Athletes
eBook How a Coach’s State of Mind Can Hurt Athletes

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We have all had the coach that comes to practice excited. Gives athletes fun knick names. Sees the silver lining in everything. And as a result, we thrived under their coaching. On the flip side, we have all had coaches that were the total opposite. And we probably digressed under their coaching.

What is the difference between the former and latter coach? Many things probably. But one difference for sure is that the former coach has a better state of mind.

This ebook will show you how what techniques coaches use to get in the right state of mind.

We’ll specifically cover the following topics that directly affect state of mind.

  • Mental Focus
  • Vocabulary/Language
  • Physiology

Download this ebook to learn how to change your state of mind for the better.

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