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One night over dinner, we started to reminisce about our athletic careers. How much fun we had playing sports. How many life lessons we learned playing sports. And how important it is for the our children to play sports. As the wee hours of the morning approached one of us asked a thought provoking question. “If sports are so fun and beneficial, why do 80% of children stop playing sports by the age of 12?” This question bothered us. So much so, that we were determined to come up with an reason and a solution.


Long story short, we believed one reason why athletes stop playing sports is because sports cause either too much anxiety or too much boredom. Either an athlete is playing at a level in which everyone is better, they get anxiety about playing, and then quit. Or an athlete is not being challenged enough, they get bored when playing, and then quit.


After coming up with this reason, we started searching for a solution on how we could help prevent the anxious and bored athlete from quitting. And the solution we came up with was we could give them more quality feedback. The anxious players would receive feedback on how to improve relative to their competitors. The bored players would receive feedback on things they could do to challenge themselves. And with that thought in mind, ZoomReports was created.

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