Inspire Players through Feedback

Inspire through Feedback





How to Inspire


Exciting eBook where we teach coaches a 3 step process on how to give feedback that players will understand and utilize.


Interviews with coaches discussing their best practices on how to give effective feedback to players.

Mary Baldwin Parent
I have three children that play sports and I want feedback on how they are doing. I want to know if they are getting better and what we can do to help at home. The worst thing for a parent is being left in the dark. This is why I love having the kids’ coaches provide us with feedback using ZoomReports.
Gary Lowrance Parent
I have 2 children and they love receiving feedback from their coaches. It’s truly amazing. Minutes after receiving feedback from ZoomReports, my kids are out the door practicing.
Gordon Hill Director
Using zoomreports has let me be able to explain more to the player and show him what I am asking and letting him see the big players doing it in games, this is truly performance analysis at its best for the development of the youth player I think its a great tool for any up and coming coach.
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